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Hexcel Pottsville Celebrates 35 Years of Industry-Leading Composite Part Manufacturing

Hexcel Pottsville celebrates its 35th anniversary this month. The plant, located in the St. Clair Industrial Park, converts metallic and non-metallic honeycomb materials into engineered core structures that are used in a variety of commercial and military aerospace applications
including helicopter rotor blades and fuselages, airplane wings and landing gear doors and jet engine nacelles.

Hexcel, an innovator of advanced composites technology and a world leader in honeycomb manufacturing for the commercial aerospace industry, employs more than 300 employees at its Pottsville facility. Of those, nine employees who joined during the first year of operation remain part of the Hexcel Pottsville team.

Karen Dudley, Customer Service Representative and the first employee hired at the site in 1980, said “It’s an accomplishment that Hexcel can celebrate 35 years in business here in Schuylkill County. We have continued to grow, expand and provide unique products to the aerospace industry.”

The facility has experienced tremendous growth over the years due in large part to the commercial aerospace industry moving toward lightweight, high-performance materials such as carbon fiber, honeycomb, reinforcements, adhesives and engineered products.

Plant Manager Stan Bolinsky said, “We want to recognize and thank the Pottsville community as well as all of our employees – both past and present – for their hard work, dedication and contribution during our first 35 years here. We’re looking forward to the next
35 years and more.”