Long-term relationships are sometimes difficult to challenge, but reverse auctions are too powerful to be ignored.

Applied Energy Partners (AEP) recently had the opportunity to compete head-to-head with the long-term broker at Wolfe Dye & Bleach, an MAEA member company using about 3 Million kWh of electricity and 69 Thousand decatherms of natural gas annually.

The broker was given an opportunity to present his best price, and then we went to work. We brought 10 suppliers to the auction, and substantially bettered the broker’s results.

When the auctions were complete, we saved this Wolfe Dye & Bleach $170,000 over two years:

That’s the advantage of working with a professional energy consultant, instead of just a broker. We know:
• WHEN to buy. We track energy market trends every day, and
we advise you how and when to use the trends to your advantage.
• WHERE to buy. We know the strengths and weaknesses of
every energy supplier in your area, and our proprietary auction process creates intense head-to-head competition among them.
• HOW to buy. We help you avoid the landmines in contract
language, regulatory changes, tax exemptions, and billing errors.

You’ll see every available price and gain valuable insights into the key issues of energy procurement. All with minimal investment of your time. Give us a call at 484-406-5400 Ext. 103.