Unlike traditional brokers, we don’t promise you the “lowest” price, …we show you EVERY price.

The key is our proprietary electronic procurement process - The Energy ExchangeSM, where suppliers compete for your business. You see:

• Every viable supplier
• Every product option
• Every available term
Then we help you make the right decision for your strategy and your needs.

It’s the fastest path to the lowest price.

How can we be so confident? It’s simple…
• We know WHEN to buy. We track energy market trends every day, and we advise you how and when to use the trends to your advantage.

• We know WHERE to buy. We know every energy supplier in your area, and The Energy Exchange creates intense competition among every one of them. The results are self-evident.

• We know HOW to buy. We help you avoid the landmines in contract language, regulatory changes, tax exemptions, and billing errors.

You’ll see every available price and gain valuable insights into the nuances of energy procurement. All with minimal investment of your time. Nothing could be simpler…or more foolproof.

That’s the advantage of working with a Licensed Energy Consultant, instead of just a broker.

And we stand behind our process 100%:
Let us get preliminary pricing for you. You have no obligation whatsoever.
We are not looking for a “sale”; we are seeking a long-term relationship with clients who value their time and our expertise.

We are a full-service energy consultancy.
Visit us at to see the full range of our services.