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Being a business owner in today’s economy can be tough, so the more you can do to lower your operating costs and raise your bottom line, the better. That’s where PPL Electric Utilities and E-power can help.PPL E-power

Reducing your electricity use and increasing your energy efficiency are two ways you can save now and keep saving well into the future.

Visit our E-power website at or call 1-866-660-4551 to find out more about programs available to small business, commercial and industrial, and institutional customers.

Many businesses in Northeast Pennsylvania already are taking advantage of E-power programs that save them money and energy and help the environment. From dozens of rebates on lighting fixtures, HVAC and other efficient equipment, to our new compact fluorescent light bulb program for non-residential customers, to custom incentives for energy-saving initiatives, there is something for everyone.

Most rebates for qualifying equipment are retroactive to July 1, 2009, so you already may be eligible for cash back on your energy efficiency investment.

“Businesses, schools and institutions in our area clearly are embracing the energy efficiency message. As their trusted energy advisor, we feel good about that. We want them to succeed and thrive,” said Martha Herron, a PPL Electric Utilities regional community relations director.